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Entry...Long overdue.

Wow...how long has it been???
Too damn long.
Here's a 2-year update.

I got married.
His name is Marcus.
He drives me fucking crazy.
We got married 12-06-08.
I've only known him a for 16 months.
I'm still crazy and stupid when it comes to men.
Oh well.
Looks like I'm stuck with this one.
Hee hee.

I work at the corporate headquarters of PetSmart....and I have for over a year now as a Production Artist.
I was just promoted and switched to another department. I am now the Senior Production Control Designer.
I'm a total badass and workaholic.

My best friend passed away May 9th 2009.
And not a day has gone by that I haven't thought about her or missed her.
You all would know her on here as Julieberry.
My heart fucking breaks every time I think about her.

I live in Phoenix for the moment.

Shuni is still alive and kickin it.
She loves my husband more than me though.

I miss having girlfriends.
I have few.
And I never see them.
It makes my heart sad.

I'm kind of intoxicated right now.
But it's the only way I've been able to fall asleep without Benadryl.

I have yet to learn how to spell or use proper grammar.

I stopped roller derbying last September b/c I broke my leg, then had to plan my wedding for December and life keeps throwing new shit at me that prevents me from giving it my all.
Be it working long hours to get all the shit that needs to get done, done.
Or the fact that I can't afford a $40 a month due b/c I'm the only person in this marriage that has a job.
Oh wait, my hubby may have found one.
I repeat..MAY have found one.
As for now...I pay all our bills and shit.
I make good money, but paying off my loan and L.O.C. and rent and phone and etc. is hard when I'M THE ONLY ONE DOING IT.
But that's another journal entry all together.

MMMmmm I love cigarettes.

Oh my.
It's 1:30am.
Time for cigarette #2, then bed.

What has my life become?

At least it's better than last year around this time.

Last year around this time I was moving outta Rob's house and into an apartment.
I lived with Rob (guy I worked with while at DBL) until he went psycho and attacked me after the Tom Waits show.
He's fucking bat shit.
Not only did he attack me, he started screaming in my face telling me I was a shitty Xian (btw, I'm a born again, thank Marcus for showing me the light...Marcus is my husband btw.) and that I was a selfish bitch.
But he doesn't remember saying that b/c he was fucked up on Valium and liquor.
Then he accused me of breaking into his house and stealing his shit.
Yeah..b/c I'm that kind of person...and was on crutches..wtf?!
I told him (in a voicemail b/c he didn't answer when I called) that he as free to call the cops on me and THEY could come by my place and search it all they wanted.
Hmmm, never happened.
Wonder why.
Oh yeah...it's b/c he's a fucking idiot.

Not much else is going on.
My cig. is almost out so beddy-bye for this princess.

Oh yeah...I'm still fuckin' crazy.

Hugs and kisses



This BITCH IS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug. 20th, 2007

My butt hurts

Chi Chi Roni hip checked me tonight and sent me flying on my bum.
I landed on my right ass cheek and fuckin' spun 360!

New job bitches!
Last day at DBL is Friday


Drafts are coming up soon!
Can't wait!

Still haven't benchmarked yet, but I can feel it coming!!
18.25 laps in 5minutes.
3.75 more to go and I get my god damn name!

I'm either stayin on the Smash Squad or movin to the House Teams during the drafts.
I'm not ready for the Bouting teams yet.
Someday, but not right now.
Gotta get my stance down and more stable on my wheels.

Anyway...random update.

Bruisers won the championships!
Love my Bruisers! <3333

Ok...time for bed and ice pack.

Smasher Rhiannon

Benchmarking....attempt #2

So last night I attempted to benchmark for a second time since I've joined AZRD.
(to try and benchmark is attempting to skate 22 roller derby track laps in 5 minutes or less)

The 1st time I tried to benchmark was at my very first AZRD practice and I managed to do 10 laps in 5 minutes.
Not good...but considering my history in quad skating consists of 7th grade skate night at Skateland...hey at least I tried right?

So last night was my attempt to beat my previous score and hopefully make all 22 laps.
I didn't.
I managed 15.5 laps in 5 minutes, which yes is a huge improvement (seeing how the 1st time I tried I fell like 5 or 6 times and looked like what the girls refer to as "bambi on ice") but at the same time I tried to get myself syked up and in a positive mind frame all day that "Damn it, I was going to make the 22!"
And so not to, just kind of sucks...a lot.

Oh well.
I just need more practice.
Hopefully next week I'll improve from there. (I'm hoping I can do another +5, cause that would be great)

Any-who...time to shower for work.

<3 Smasher Rhiannon


Hot women...
REAL and extremely intense full contact sports action...
Cheap beer...
Only $10 ($12 at the door)...

Oh...yeah did I mention Hot Women????

Come out and support The Arizona Roller Derby!!!

For more information on the AZRD please click HERE
What's up best movie ever???!!

Oh yeah guess who was on Good Morning Arizona?!?!


Yup that's right.

They did a segment on AxZxRxDx and they filmed me falling FLAT ON MY ASS.
It was AWESOME!!!

Come out, come out where ever you are!!!

Hot women...
REAL and extremely intense full contact sports action...
Cheap beer...
Only $10 ($12 at the door)...

Oh...yeah did I mention Hot Women????

Come out and support The Arizona Roller Derby!!!

For more information on the AZRD please click HERE
Dies laughing!!!

Dennis Hart fucking owns at life...

Roller Me

(or email him at)

"My sun eyed grrrrrl!"

Check out what came in the mail today.....

I think I'm in love <33333
Fuck yes!
I managed to skate 5 laps in 1 minute 38 seconds!
AND do cross-overs when I turned!
I just need to clear the 38 seconds and I'll be able to "check" that requirement off the list.
Woot woot!

I love it!

The company I work for was bought by Ingram Micro.
Apparently we all get to keep our jobs...but who knows how upper management will be affected.
Good thing I'm middle management...or I guess middle to the middle....whatever.

I'm much more concerned with Derby than DBL, so fuck it.

The AZRD is playing Saturday.....I'm gonna go watch b/c I need to see what I'm getting myself into.
And MAYBE see about when they are holding their next tryouts.